Full-Service Installation With Project Solar

Full-Service Installation With Project Solar

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A do-it-yourself installation with Project Solar can save you thousands of dollars. However, it is not a good fit for every customer interested in solar. While a DIY system’s savings are attractive, we recognize that not everyone wants to (or is able to) invest the time and effort required to complete a DIY solar installation.

For this reason, Project Solar also offers full-service installation, which is actually the route 90% of our customers take. 

Project Solar Full-Service Installation in California

If you’re on the fence, read our articles on the DIY installation process: “Installing Solar in 4 Basic Steps” is a quick read, and “How to Install Solar Panels” goes a bit more in-depth. These will help give you a better understanding of what the process requires. 

The great news is that DIY installers are not the only ones who can benefit from choosing Project Solar. Project Solar’s prices are half the national average with full-service installation typically costing between $2.30-2.60/watt (before federal and state incentives).

Project Solar’s Install Area

To make our full-service installations possible, we have partnered with NABCEP-certified installers to provide a quality product. If you'd like to read more about which states we service currently, check out this article.

A Full Service Install allows us to provide you, the customer, with the best, most experienced solar installers in your area at a lower price than you can find elsewhere. 

How It Works

At Project Solar, we've streamlined the solar sales process by cutting out the commissioned salesperson and by optimizing procedures through technology. 

To get started, a customer interested in a full-service installation can obtain a quote online through our free quote calculator and review sizing options. Once a system has been decided upon, we'll request the necessary information to draw up engineering plans and submit them for permits with your jurisdiction. 

Project Solar Full-Service Installation in California

Then, engineering, permitting, and equipment procurement can take place.

On installation day(s), the Project Solar partnered contractor installs the system and completes the interconnection grid-tie. 

Project Solar systems use Tier 1 all-black panels, Enphase IQ microinverters and quality racking equipment. We also offer Enphase batteries and the Tesla Powerwall 2, though we do not require battery backup for our systems. 

Enphase IQ8+ Microinverters With Project Solar

Workmanship Warranties

If you opt for a full-service installation, you will have a 25-year production guarantee and 10-year workmanship warranty with your installer. This means that in addition to your system’s 25-year product and performance warranties, you are also covered if the installer makes a mistake.

We want to ensure that any potential issues caused by your solar installation are taken care of in a timely manner. Furthermore, Project Solar fully backs your warranties as well. 

Project Solar's Workmanship Warranty

This means that you, as the customer, will always be covered if you experience any issues一you won’t be left to fend for yourself.

Project Solar will work as your advocate to enforce the installer’s contract and warranty, but ultimately, we take full responsibility to get the job done if the installer doesn’t pull through. 

For example, if your installer goes out of business or moves, Project Solar is responsible for finding a new installer to make the warrantied repairs. 

A common concern among homeowners is that there will be leaks in areas where installers have drilled into the roof to mount solar panel rails and anchors. Racking technology has come a long way, and includes sealant methods that are nearly foolproof and unlikely to cause leaks.

That being said, things happen, so we make sure that your installation will be securely warrantied through the installer and through Project Solar.

Project Solar Full-Service Installation

Equipment Replacement/Warranty Service

If a piece of the solar equipment needs to be replaced, your installer will be available to facilitate the equipment swap within 30 days of the new part being received.

If the source of the damage or defect is due to an issue outside of the workmanship warranty, the customer will generally need to pay the installer, according to the contract, $250 for a site visit (depending on the exact situation).

Standard Adders

In most states, the cost of the installation itself is $0.50/watt. However, there is occasionally additional work that needs to be done to install your system--these are called "installation adders", and are paid in addition to that $0.50/watt.

For a comprehensive list of our adders and their costs, click here. To research more about these adders, what they entail, and whether they will apply to your project, check out our FAQ.

(Be aware that adder prices can also vary by state in some cases).

Solar install on tile roof

The Benefits of a Full-Service Installation

With an experienced installer and a strong workmanship warranty, a full-service installation from Project Solar is a great way to get started on your solar journey. You can feel confident in the quality of your installer's workmanship as well as the assistance you will receive down the road.

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