Who We Are

At Project Solar, we are on a mission to offer renewable energy solutions with high quality equipment for the lowest price in America. We are creating a streamlined business model that dramatically reduces costs and enables renewable energy to be the financially superior choice for our customers.

After our CEO Trevor Hiltbrand looked into buying solar, he was shocked by how expensive it can be. Trevor took it upon himself to do more research, and discovered that many other Solar companies train their salespeople to price systems as high as possible while staying just below the customer’s monthly utility bill. A few years later, Trevor and Matthew Smith, our Co-founder, invented a new business model with DIY savings options, fair pricing, and a strong investment in marketing rather than having salespeople. Today, Project Solar’s prices are unbeatable with our prices being approximately 50% below the national average!

Let's Socialize

Benefits and Perks

Health Coverage, Including Telemedicine!

Dental and Vision Coverage!

Paid Time Off!

10 Paid Holidays!

100% Paid Parental Leave

Full Gym

Sports courts, Grills, Walking Trails and more!

Company Swag, Team Lunches, and Office Parties!

In the News

Voted in the top three “Companies to Watch” by Best Company for 2023

Learn more about our $23 Mil Series A and backing by Investors here!


Mom - Approved

We would sell this product to our own mothers. We are honest and ethical. We genuinely care about our customers and their experience. 

Be a Slacker tm

“Slack it before you ask it.” Use quick, clear, honest, and respectful communication.


Not a clock-in, clock-out kind of role. We are committed to our vision and goals - team and company wide. We go the extra mile and give our best to our job. 

Own Efficiency

We are problem solvers and solution seekers as individual contributors, within our teams, across departments, with our partners, customers and business relations. 

If Someone Can, I Can

This value embodies the mentality that birthed Project Solar. Trevor and Matt jumped on Trevor’s roof, having no prior solar knowledge but believing if other people can install solar, they could too. Similarly, at Project Solar, if we have a problem, we believe we can solve it. It’s easy to have someone else solve your problem, but if they can figure it out, why can’t you?! When it comes to problem solving, we do all we can to solve our problems before taking them to others. 



In alignment with our core value “Mom-Approved,” we act with integrity, respect, and empathy towards everyone, inside and outside the company. In our All Hands meetings, we take time to recognize individuals within the company who embody our values and who were nominated by their peers. We celebrate accomplishments and anniversaries. We value innovative minds.


At Project Solar, we work hard, and we play hard. 

Diversity and Inclusion

As disruptors in our industry, we value new and different ways of thinking. We continuously work to build an inclusive environment where everyone can succeed. As part of our diversity initiative, our wellness committee puts together different events and initiatives to create awareness and support. We have loved celebrating Black History, Pride, Women’s History, and more!

We’re proud to have employees in The United States and Canada. 

Career Development

Empowering you for a brighter future!

As an early stage company, employees have a massive opportunity to accelerate the learning and development of their career and to make an impact on a company that is changing the way people purchase solar. There are career development opportunities for people who think and apply themselves, who love to solve problems and are quick to take ownership.

Just like we power homes across the nation, Project Solar can power the growth of your career.