Project Solar Additional Costs (Adders)

Solar Adders Explained

Our quoting calculator is accurate in most situations, but every solar project is different. In about 20% of jobs there are a unique "adders" that can add cost to the job total.

When purchasing solar it is important to do your research and to know your costs. We do our best to be as transparent as possible by providing upfront quotes without having to talk to a sales person. 

Our quoting calculator already includes the base rates below and is based on the address provided. All other prices are NOT already included and would need to be added to your total cost manually. These costs below are listed at full rate, before the federal incentive, so true net cost will be 30% less. 

If you are unsure if an adder applies to you, our engineering team will let you know before the contract is signed and before any money is committed. 

Base Install Rate Default State* $0.50/watt 
Base Install Rate Exception States
Site Survey (if you are unable to provide pictures) $200
Clay Tile Roof 
Not supported
Metal Roof $0.10/watt
Concrete Tile Roof 
(CA - $0.00
TX - $0.20)
Roof Pitch ≥ 35° $0.15/watt
Flat Roof with Ballast Mounts
Flat Roof with Penetrating Flush Mounts
Flat Roof Tilt Leg System $0.35/watt
Critter Guard $0.15/watt
Trenching  $15/ft
Attic Run $500
200A/225A Main Panel Upgrade
≈ $3,250
400A Main Panel Upgrade
≈ $5,000
Main Breaker Derate/Install $650
Add Subpanel/ Subpanel Relocate $800
Load Side Tap in New Sub Panel $750
Meter Service Drop + Meter Upgrade $2000
Electric Panel Derate $650
4 or more arrays  $500
Installer Travel > 100 miles (first 200 miles round trip free)
Same Day Install Cancellation $1000
Under 4kW system size (DIY) $1,000
Under 4kW system size (full install) $2,000
Enphase IQ8M Inverter Upgrade $20/inverter
Enphase IQ8A Inverter Upgrade $30/inverter
Enphase IQ 10/10T Battery (with System Controller 2, includes installation) $13,995
Additional Enphase IQ 10/10T Battery (without System Controller 2, includes installation) $9,700
Enphase Sunlight Backup $5,495
Enphase CT Consumption Meter (pricing assumes factory wiring as sufficient, otherwise adder will be refunded/re-quoted based on additional work required) $400

*Auto included in the Project Solar quoting calculator if applicable.