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The idea behind Project Solar is simpleleverage the efficiencies of the internet to make solar not only more affordable, but an amazing investment as well.

Industry rates (according to the NREL 2023 Quarterly Report) show national solar rates at about $4.25/watt for systems under 10 kW, and almost $3.75/watt for 10-100 kW. At Project Solar, our pricing is about $2.45/watt fully installed, and $2/watt for DIY--before any incentives.

We are the lowest price solar solution in the United States!

Not only are our prices LOW, we also use the best-of-the-best components. We primarily source Q-Cells® black-on-black panels, Enphase® microinverters, and Iron Ridge® racking, all with 25-year product and performance warranties. 

The key is efficiency. Having grown adults knocking doors one-by-one is probably the least efficient way to market your product or service, but it has dominated the industry for over 15 years. It's time we take things online.

But it's not just sales. Massive improvements in engineering software enable us to design and engineer solar builds remotely. Management software, fully integrated into our sales and support teams, enable us to efficiently take the customer through the process of design, engineering, permitting, installation, and inspection with a high degree of organization and efficiency. 

All of these advancements, along with our preference of scale over profits, enable us to dramatically lower costs to the end user. 

We believe this is pretty newsworthy and hope you feel the same. 

DIY vs. Full Install

Our pricing is modular.

Equipment/DIY: This is our standard price that all customers, DIY or Full Service pay. It ranges from $1.80-$2.10/watt. This includes panels, microinverters, racking equipment, engineering plan sets, permits, plus full install support.

Full Service: This option adds $0.50-$0.70/watt to the equipment price above, depending on location. We've established a robust install network to provide customers across the nation with affordable, high-quality installation services.

Batteries: While we don't encourage batteries for those looking to maximize ROI, we do offer it for those in areas of frequent power outages or low net metering rates. Batteries can be an expensive add on, but the federal tax incentive helps bring interconnected smart home battery backup to you for under $10k (fully installed). 

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