Project Solar's Install Area

Project Solar provides affordable solar to many areas throughout the contiguous United States. While we strive to serve a wide range of areas and are constantly working to expand our install network, there are variations in our offerings based on location.

In this blog post, we'll break down our service availability by state, shed light on the options you have, and guide you through the process of determining what's right for you.

  • Full Install 
  • DIY

States with Full Install Available

We're thrilled to offer our Full Install services in the following states:

- Arizona

- Arkansas

- California

- Colorado

- Connecticut

- Delaware

- Florida

- Georgia

- Idaho

- Illinois

- Maine

- Maryland

- Massachusetts

- Nevada

- New Hampshire

- New Jersey

- New Mexico

- New York

- North Carolina

- Ohio

- Oklahoma
- Oregon

- Pennsylvania

- Rhode Island

- South Carolina

- Texas

- Utah

- Vermont

- Virginia
- Washington

- Washington DC
- Wisconsin

It's important to keep in mind that the availability of Full Install does not mean every corner of these states is eligible. Our service may be limited in some regions or come with additional travel costs.

To find out if Full Install is an option for your specific location, our convenient online calculator provides tailored recommendations based on your address. You can also reach out to our dedicated Customer Support Team through the chat bubble on our website, available from 9 am to 5 pm Mountain Time, Mon-Fri. Just share your zip code, and you'll receive precise information about the options available in your area.

Options for Areas without Full Install

Project Solar offers DIY (do-it-yourself install) projects to most areas within the contiguous United States. 

With DIY, Project Solar takes care of essential aspects such as design, engineering, permitting, and equipment procurement. The customer assumes responsibility for the installation process or can choose to subcontract a third party to complete the task.

This option is also available to customers in areas with installers available - completing a DIY project cuts out the installation cost and increases ROI.

It's important to be aware, however, that DIY install may not be allowed in all areas. One example of this is New Mexico, which currently prohibits DIY solar installations. If you're uncertain about the regulations in your jurisdiction, our Customer Support Team can provide further information. 

Project Solar does not operate in Alaska, Hawaii, or any US Territories, though we can ship our off-grid store products to areas within the contiguous US.

Getting Started with Project Solar

Project Solar is committed to providing affordable solar solutions across the United States, whether through Full Install or DIY projects. To see what solar would cost for your home, get a quote from our online calculator or contact us.