Power Bank 600

The Power Bank 600 is perfect for charging your devices on-the-go. Portable and lightweight, it's the ideal companion for outdoor activities, road trips, and emergencies. Experience the convenience of portable power like never before!

Power Bank 600Power Bank 600 + Solar Panel 200WPower Bank 600 + x2 Solar Panels 200W

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Power Up To 90% Of Appliances

With an AC output of 1200W, you can power 90% of household and on-the-go devices.

Run 11 Devices At Once

Safe, Durable & Built To Last

The Power Bank 600 is made to stand the test of time with Grade A Lithium Iron Phosphate Cells, which are so efficient only losing less than 1% charge per year. This means they keep 80% of their original capacity after 3,500 complete charge cycles! 

The fine-tuned Battery Management System (BMS) keeps the unit cool, manages all in and out charging and air flow. It's outer layer is cast in UL94V, flame-retardant, ABS plastic to provide added safety. All ports are covered with a high-grade, TPU protective cap resilient to daily stretching and tearing.

What's In The Box?


Free 4-7 Day Shipping To Entire Continental USA


Q: How many portable solar panels can be paired with the Power Bank 600?

A: You can add up to 2x200W portable solar panels to the Power Bank 600. Please refer to your User Manual for connection instructions.

Q: Can I add an Expansion Pack 3000 to my Power Bank 600? 

A: No, the Power Bank 600 is not expandable.

Q: What devices can I run with my Power Bank 600?

A: You can run any device with a consumption power of up to 1,200 watts.

Q: Can I connect my Power Bank 600 to my home with a SubPanel Transfer Switch?

A: No. This feature is only available for the Power Bank 2000, as the Power Bank 600’s power rating and capacity are not sufficient for home backup.

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