• Price Per Watt

    Average ROI

    Sales Commissions

    Average System Payoff Time

  • $1.26 - $1.47*



    4.2 Years

  • Full Service Install

    $1.61 - $1.82*



    5.5 Years

  • National Average

    $3.00 - $4.00*


    $3K - $15K

    14.3 Years

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*Pricing reflected as after incentive pricing.
Due to state install regulations, the following states full service install rates are up to $0.15/watt more than listed above:

State of the Art AI Quoting Engine

Powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, our quoting engine provides you with the most accurate and personalized solar system estimates. By analyzing multiple factors such as your roof square footage, orientation, pitch, and shading, as well as your average utility bill, it crafts a tailor-made solution designed to maximize your savings and sustainability.

  • Panels

    Our sleek black-on-black monocrystalline panels not only look great but also deliver outstanding performance.

  • Inverters

    Enjoy top-notch inverters with your solar system, including panel-level monitoring and a 25-year triple-backed warranty.

  • Batteries

    Maximize your ROI with reliable battery options. Experience backup power during outages and optimized energy usage during peak hours for unparalleled efficiency.

25 Year Warranty

Enjoy peace of mind with a 25-year manufacturer's equipment warranty and a 25-year production guarantee! We ensure your system meets promised production levels, or you'll receive reimbursement!

Start saving today

30% Federal Tax
Incentive - Approved

The Federal Solar ITC (investment tax credit) gives 30% tax credit that covers all solar equipment, batteries, and installation. Additional state incentives may apply.

The 2022 average federal tax credit is $7,500 with Project Solar.

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Get a Quote

Try our lightning-fast AI Quoting calculator for a quick quote in seconds. (It won't ask for your number, we have a no-sales people policy.)


$100 Fully Refundable Deposit.

After your deposit, our Onboarding Specialist will contact you, and you'll gain access to your customer portal. Within the portal, you can view and approve your site design, request changes, select financing, and generate your agreement.


Site Inspection

We'll send an expert to inspect your home's electrical system, shading, and roof.


Permitting & Licensing.

We'll secure all the required permits and licenses from your local city.


Installation & Savings!

After we've installed your system, a city inspector will perform a final check for system activation and you enjoy all the money-saving benefits of solar!


Shedding Light on Solar

Can I install my solar system myself?

Absolutely! Project Solar supports DIY installations, providing assistance at every step. However, please note that DIY may not be available in some areas due to jurisdictional restrictions.

How can I finalize the design for my DIY solar project?

Prior to making a deposit, our Customer Experience specialists offer free information, answers, quotes, and basic designs. After a deposit, our team assists in finalizing your system design, drawing up plans, and presenting a contract for your signature.

What equipment is included in the DIY solar package?

Project Solar provides all essential equipment, including solar panels, microinverters, AC disconnect, meter socket, Enphase combiner box, rails, footings, rooftop junction box, and more. (Customers are responsible for obtaining 'Balance of System' items, such as copper grounding wire, conduit wire and piping, breakers, small components, tools, and safety gear.)

What support is available for my DIY installation?

We provide instructional materials, including step-by-step video guides. On installation day(s), our expert installers are just a text, call, or video chat away, offering remote assistance to ensure a smooth DIY experience.

What are my battery options for DIY?

We offer the Enphase IQ 5P batteries for DIY projects. For Enphase batteries, certification is required for installation. However, we do offer a user-friendly alternative – the Power Bank 2000 Home Backup Kit, complete with a straightforward sub-panel transfer switch for your easy installation in DIY projects.

What is the inspection and activation process for a DIY solar system?

Following your DIY installation, our team ensures a thorough safety and correctness inspection. We then guide you through the Permission to Operate (PTO) application with the power company. Once approved, our Activation Specialist assists in firing up your system for clean energy generation!

Why Pay More?

We’ve cut out the salesmen and the regional offices to offer the same or better equipment for less - no sales hassles. Going green is a no-brainer for your wallet and the planet. Cheaper than fossil fuels, always!