DIY Instructions

Instructions provided are for Project Solar customers with signed contracts ONLY. DIY is for qualified individuals only. Your safety is your responsibility!

Pictures for Engineering

If you are uncomfortable or unable to take these photos, in most areas we are able to send out a "site surveyor" to take the photos for you for a $200 fee. 


Step 1: Safety First


Step 2: Planning the Install


Step 3: How to Find Trusses


Step 4: Install Flashings


Step 5: Install Railing


Step 6: Soladeck Install


Step 7: Run Wire & Prepare for Electrician


Step 8: Plan Out & Install Micro Inverters

Remember to scan your micro inverts. You will have to pull up every single panel to scan if you forget. DO NOT FORGTE TO SCAN YOUR MICRO INVERTERS INTO THE APP. 


Step 9: Secure Your Ground Wire


Step 10: Wire your Soladeck

Make sure that all your connections are tight and secure. Loose wire connections can cause arcing and result in fires. Only perform this step if you are comfortable, capable, and willing to make solid wire connections. You are responsible for making sure these connections are done properly. 


Step 11: Secure your Panels