Custom Solar Calculator with Project Solar

Custom Solar Calculator with Project Solar

Free Custom AI Solar Quoting Tool

This is the tool that allows us to analyze your roof's sun irradiance potential as well as your electricity usage, local utility rates, and available state and federal incentives to give you a super accurate quote for going solar on your house. This advanced AI took us nearly a year to complete and is what enables us to cut out the solar salesperson and offer the lowest priced solar in America.

With just 2 basic questions (address and monthly utility usage), we are able to give a 95% accurate quote on your needed system and that system's price net of available incentives.

This is something that has historically taken a solar sales rep 2 hours to consult with you about after knocking on your door and getting invited into a sit down. 

We've built a substantially more efficient business model, enabling us to cut the cost of solar by nearly 50% of the national average. 

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Unfortunately, our solar calculator is not perfect. Its biggest limitation is that it can't determine the max amount of panels that can fit on your roof. This is something that we still have to do manually, as some decisions require a lot of subjective analysisi.e. aesthetics and efficient groupings for installation. 

The good news for you however, is that you can simply request a custom site design. This is where we map your house in 3D using advanced design tools. We do this for free upon request, and a team member here in our offices in Lehi, UT, will manually design your home. 

It looks like this (it's really cool):

free solar site design

How We Built Our Solar Calculator

Despite only asking two data questions (address and usage), we are able to calculate 7 different numbers that are pertinent to a solar quote. We offer numbers on the following . . .

  1. Total Price 
  2. Financed Price (with different financing options)
  3. Total Value of Incentives
  4. Total Price Net of Incentives & Price Per Watt 
  5. Install Price
  6. Time to Pay Off
  7. Estimated Home Value Increase

To get these numbers, we pull from 3 different government APIs that tell us irradiance, local utility rates, and available incentives. 

The irradiance, or amount of sun that your home gets, enables us to calculate how many panels or how many kW's you would need to offset your usage. 

Your area's local utility rate allows us to calculate your usage in terms of kWh/month. 

The incentives allow our calculator to update in real time based on the changing incentives on a state and federal level. 

The Project Solar calculator is the most robust and accurate solar calculator of its kind and represents a massive improvement in efficiency for the solar industry. 

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